Many of our customers find themselves recommending our services to their friends and family, and it’s easy to see why. Here’s what some of our customers had to say in our 2011 survey:

Marc Van Der Linde (

I cautiously signed up for Valcato Hosting after numerous bad experiences with other web hosts, and was a little wary about how much was being offered for such fair prices. However, from the moment I created my account the level of professionalism at Valcato was evident. Every question I’ve asked has been answered fully and quickly, the staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable, and I’ve even been contacted by the staff to make sure my hosting experience has been up to par. The staff at Valcato make their love of what they do quite clear, and I will definitely continue to use them for all of my hosting needs for the foreseeable future. Thanks, Valcato!

Independent Reviews

Some of our customers like to send reviews to independent sites, you can find a few of them here:

When researching a potential host for your website it is also important that you do some background checks, so feel free to search for us or ask existing customers on our Community Forum.

Matthew (

Valcato. Nice nerds. Good value. USE THEM!

Braden Leigh (

Valcato has been great for me. They are reliable, fast, courteous, and a great value.

Roberutsu (

Valcato’s excellent customer service is the reason why I recommend Valcato to friends, colleagues and clients.

Svetlana Dimovski

Valcato Hosting offers the best in class service. The staff is agile, prompt in responding to requests, curteous and highly knowledgeable.

John Clute (

Again, the only thing I can say at this time is that you have provided the best service and support for the price that I could find. No one else was even close or were getting too many complaints. Kudos to your team!

domen (

What I like about Valcatohosting, are the knowledgeable support people. Ie. I don’t get the “have you tried turning it off and on again” response, when I’ve already partially established the location of the problem.

Seth Kriticos (

I’m a little over a year at Valcato hosting. The range and quality of service was always satisfying. The support fast and competent. The prices fair. I expect to stay a costumer for a long time to come.

Stucuk (

Valcato’s main attribute is its customer service. No matter what your problem or query is they are always happy to answer it and will go way beyond what you would expect to try and fix any problems you have.

Adam Qaisar ( &

Over the past 5 years I have been with Valcato their service has been, without question, brilliant. Support is very easy to get, and the staff respond very quickly with a useful reply to help you along, rather than an acknowledgement email. I now have 2 sites hosted with them and have referred two colleagues also.

Peter Cox

After a big let-down after a take-over of my former hosts, I risked a review website rating of Valcato. No regrets. As an amateur I’ve needed quite a lot of support with technicalities and the diligent, personal service has been the outstanding aspect of performance.

Mick Southwick (North-East History Hub)

Valcato Hosting provides especially excellent customer service – no matter how simple or complex your problem, they are always quick to respond at almost any time of the day. My website has never been unavailable at any time during my first 9 months with them. Decent hosting prices, too! I would recommend Valcato without hesitation.

Ian Hallam (

A very professional and committed team who offer a first class product, yet haven’t lost touch with reality and realise the customer is still paramount. With impeccable customer service and supreme reliability I would have no hesitation recommending to friends, colleagues and business associates.

Matteius/geekshack (

Valcato hosting has been a great change for my website. They always answer my questions and have helped me get my Django app running on their shared hosting servers using Python 2.6 and the latest Django 1.3 beta 1. The ssh access is great and there is a real development environment on the shared hosting accounts with real resources allocated. Truly Valcato hosting meets a high quality bar at a valuable price. If you have any doubts of your current provider, you should switch today—I’m glad I did!