Some Recent Changes

Nov 2, 2005

This year has been relatively quiet so far in terms of changes to our services. There have been, however, some important changes and additions that everyone may not yet be aware of.

Virus Scan

Our server is now equipped with a virus scanner, enabling you to scan the contents of your site from cPanel to ensure that your visitors are safe. In addition to that we routinely scan the entire server and will notify you if we find a virus in your account. All email passing through the server is also scanned and will not be delivered if it contains a virus, meaning your inbox is safe from known viruses.

Phone Number Verification

To help prevent credit card fraud we now have an automated system in place to verify that the telephone number given with new orders is owned by the person placing the order. Customers are called during the signup process and must give spoken authorisation for the transaction. This not only helps protect the victims of identity theft (since their details cannot be used without their authorisation), but also helps protect the integrity of our service by helping to ensure we do not accept orders which use stolen credit card details.

Spam Filtering With Blacklists

To help cut down on the amount of spam which reaches your inbox, we now make use of several blacklists which allow us to block messages coming from severs known to send spam. We also block messages containing links to known spam web sites, including many of those used in the types of scam which attempt to steal login details for sites such as PayPal.

Customer Links Database

A database of web sites hosted by us is available, so that those who are interested can publish details of their site for others to see. This database is available at – to add your site, simply click “Add Site” at the bottom of the page.