New Web Site Launched

Apr 1, 2006

Today, after several months of hard work, we are pleased to announce the launch of our completely redesigned web site. With this new site we hope to make it easier to convey news and information to our customers, as well as provide a consistent design across the various parts of the site, including the Account and Website Control Panels.

This new design features a few things that were noticeably absent from our previous one, such as a News section complete with RSS feed, a clear and simple navigation structure to make it easy to find what you’re looking for, and valid XHTML and CSS for maximal accessibility.

Unified Look

One of the main goals of this redesign was to create a unified layout across the various sections of our web site. Customers will notice that our Community Forums now fit within the layout of our main site. We have also launched a new Account Control Panel to replace our old Client Area, sporting more powerful features in addition to the unified look. (See below for more information about both of these.) In the near future the Website Control Panel (cPanel) will also be redesigned with this new look.

New Account Control Panel

Our new Account Control Panel replaces our old Client Area. This control panel is powered by ModernBill, which sports many advanced features which our old system lacked, in addition to tighter integration with our payment processors.

The result of this is that our customers will be able to manage their account information more easily, making it easier to keep your billing and contact information up-to-date so there are no problems if we need to contact you.

All customers signing up from today will enjoy the use of this system. Our existing customers will be individually contacted in the near future when it is time to be migrated to the new system.

Redesigned Community Forums

Our Community Forums have been migrated to the excellent open source forum system, PunBB. This has allowed us greater flexibility in customising it to suit our needs. This applies not only to tailoring the design, but also will allow us to customise the functioning of the forums and implement new features as we need them.

Existing forum users will need to use the password recovery feature in order to login for the first time.

Domain Registration

From today we are accepting domain name registrations without the need to have a web hosting account with us. Customers choosing to register their domain with us and host their site elsewhere will still enjoy the benefits of our excellent technical support – so if you have trouble setting up or running your site we’ll do everything we can to help you, even if we’re not the ones hosting it!


We are very interested in getting feedback on the new design. We encourage everyone to share their comments on our Community Forum. Or, if you’d rather leave your comments in private you can send them via email.

Please let us know what you think!