cPanel 11 Now Available

Sep 7, 2007

As of today, cPanel 11 is now available to all customers. This new version of the Website Control Panel brings many exciting new features which we’re sure many of our customers will find useful. Here are the highlights:

  • Getting Started Wizard and Integrated Help — Video tutorials and instructions built right into cPanel make it easier to get help with unfamiliar features.
  • Web Disk Access — FTP is officially obsolete! New Web Disks allow you to manage your files as though they were right there on your computer. This works on most operating systems, including Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows.
  • Email User Filters — Email users can now define their own filtering rules.
  • New interface — The new, faster-loading, Web 2.0 interface means you can get things done faster than before. Related options are grouped together to make finding what you need easier. The groups can even be rearranged by simply dragging them in the page, so you can put the most frequently used options at the top of the page! There’s even a selection of themes available, so you can customise the interface to suit your own tastes.
  • New file manager — The built-in file manager has been redesigned, and now not only looks nice but is also a lot simpler to use, supporting dragging and dropping of files in the same way you can on your computer.
  • Module installers — Now there’s no need to submit a support ticket if you need a module that isn’t already installed. Using the Perl Module and PHP PEAR Package installers you can install new modules into your account instantly.
  • Addon and sub-domain locations — Organise your files in a more logical way. Directories for add-on domains and sub-domains no longer need to be under public_html, meaning if you have multiple web sites in one account they can be kept completely separate.