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Monthly Archives: December 2008

  • 30 Dec

    New Notices System

    Our brand new service notices system is now live, and it’s quite a big improvement over the old one. The top new features include separate RSS feeds for each server, and updates to notices are now emailed to subscribers (along with that, each notice has its own updates RSS...

  • 29 Dec

    Readers Choice Award 2008

    After what appears to have been a technical glitch at Host Review, the voting system for their Readers Choice Award 2008 is back online. Please take 30 seconds to vote for us, we’d love to win the award and you will be entered into a draw to win a...

  • 29 Dec

    Problems at Level3

    I’m sure many of our US customers have already heard about the outage at Level3 yesterday, especially those of you in the midwest. We weren’t directly affected by this problem, but this kind of thing does serve to remind us that large-scale outages are possible and that should one...

  • 27 Dec

    Our Blog

    I’ve spent the day moulding a shiny new WordPress install into our site design. The new blog replaces the “News” section of our site, and we hope to post here regularly with updates, announcements, sneak previews of new features, and more general things which we think our customers will...

  • 23 Dec

    Season’s Greetings

    Valcato Hosting would like to wish all its customers a merry Christmas and happy new year. 2008 has been a great year featuring all new servers, price plans and the introduction of our managed dedicated servers. We’re looking forward to providing you with our great service in 2009. Rest...

  • 15 Dec

    Find us on Facebook and Twitter

    We’re always looking for ways to communicate with our customers more effectively (even though we do a pretty good job of that already!), so as of this week we will be posting regular updates to Twitter. If you’re a Twitter user, then you will likely want to follow us...

  • 10 Dec

    .Biz Promotion

    Note: This offer has now ended. .Biz domain names are now on offer in time for the holiday season. Register a new .biz domain name for $7 until the 29th of March! That’s half the price of GoDaddy! .Biz domains are available to anyone and aren’t restricted to businesses....

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