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Monthly Archives: March 2009

  • 26 Mar

    .In Promotion Extended

    We have improved and extended our offer on .in domain names, the previous promotional price of $10 has been further reduced to a mere $8. There really will never be a better time to take advantage of the internet’s fastest growing market. Offer ends the 29th of June 2009....

  • 21 Mar

    Affiliate banners

    If you’re part of our affiliate programme, you’ll want to check out our Affiliate Banners page as we’ve updated the URLs for our banners. The old addresses will still work, but it’s best if you update your code anyway. In particular, there are now HTTPS versions of each banner...

  • 20 Mar

    Server host names changed

    Today we’ve changed the host names of our servers to the following: is now is now If you’re seeing SSL certificate warnings in your email client or FTP client, or when logging into cPanel, make sure that you update your settings or bookmarks accordingly. We’ve...

  • 09 Mar

    Nameserver change

    Customers who have hosting accounts with us, but who register their domains elsewhere, should remove the name server from their domain’s configuration. (Customers who have registered their domains with us do not need to do anything, as we have already made this change for you.) The machine which hosts...

  • 08 Mar

    .In Promotion

    Note: This offer has now ended. India represents the fastest growing internet population in the world. So with our latest promotion on .in and third level domain name registration there has never been a better time to connect with this massive market. .In and its third level compatriots (

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