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Monthly Archives: May 2009

  • 27 May

    Phone Number Change

    Our telephone numbers have changed, they are now: Skype: valcato UK: 020 8123 5766 US: 469-522-3466 The British government telecoms watchdog, Ofcom, decided that there were issues with 0870 numbers which it wanted to address. As a result of the consultation it was announced that costs to consumers calling...

  • 14 May

    .Tv Promotion

    Note: This offer has now ended. New .Tv registrations are now on special offer; we’ve knocked $9 off the price, so you only pay $24 for the first year. This domain owes its popularity to its similarity with the word television, it actually belongs to the small Pollenesian island...

  • 13 May

    365 Days of Astronomy

    Today’s 365 Days of Astronomy podcast is sponsored by us, as part of our International Year of Astronomy offer of free web hosting for astronomy web sites. This episode discusses Charles Messier and his catalogue of astronomical objects, and in particular the globular cluster M3. The podcast’s theme tune...

  • 03 May

    Host Unlimited Domains

    We’re pleased to announce that we have refreshed our shared hosting plans and we think you’ll be pleased. All our packages now include unlimited addon domains and parked domains. This means you can now host as many websites on a single account as you like! All our prices are...

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