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Host Unlimited Domains

May 3, 2009, Written by 0 comment

We’re pleased to announce that we have refreshed our shared hosting plans and we think you’ll be pleased. All our packages now include unlimited addon domains and parked domains. This means you can now host as many websites on a single account as you like!

All our prices are staying the same, however we are overhauling our addons. Previously we charged $2 for 100MB of space or 5GB of transfer, now you can upgrade either disk space or transfer to the amount you’d get with the next plan up for half the price difference. That works out as the following:

V1 – 1GB space or 100GB transfer – $42.50/yr

V2 – 2GB space or 150GB transfer – $6/mo or $60/yr

V3 – 4GB space or 200GB transfer – $8/mo or $80/yr

They are now listed alongside account upgrades rather than the separate addons section, this way you can boost your quotas instantly (previously they required a manual upgrade). And because we always treat our existing customers right, we’ve checked every account to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

For those of you on our V4 plan, the addons still require a manual upgrade, but we’ve upped the storage to $2 per 1 GB and transfer to $2 per 10 GB! Again we’ve made sure our customers have received that already.


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