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August 11, 2010, Written by 0 comment

Anyone who’s looked at our Current Projects page will have seen that we’ve been working on a new “Community Discussion” forum to replace our existing forums. All of the basic features are now finished, so we’ve made the new forum live: check it out!

It’s still at the “testing” phase, so expect there to be a few bugs and rough edges (if you find any, let us know), and there are a few features that we won’t be adding until our new web site is live.

Existing customers can log into the forum using their Account Control Panel login details, which we are now referring to as your Valcato Account since the same login details will be used for other things we’re planning in the future. If you’re not an existing customer, posting a message to the forum will automatically create a Valcato Account for you.

With this change, we’ve also simplified our login form, which now allows customers to log directly in to cPanel using the same form that logs you into your Valcato Account. (cPanel can also be accessed from inside your Valcato Account without you having to remember your cPanel password.)


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