ID Protection Price Changes

In 2013 ICANN – the company charged with administering the internet – implemented a series of new policies designed to help protect domain registrants (ie. you). You have probably already seen the fruits of some of these policies; such as additional expiry notification emails and the contact information confirmation emails. Another of the policies now requires our suppliers to store the details of domain registrants in escrow, so in the event the company was to go out of business, ICANN could step in and return the domains to the genuine owners even when ID Protection is enabled.

The end result of this particular policy is that it has increased the costs of providing the ID Protection service and unfortunately means we are no longer able to offer this for free with domain registrations. Therefore effective from 6th October 2014 ID protection will cost $2.00 per year.

This means that when domains which currently have ID protection enabled are renewed after 6th October, there will be an additional charge of $2.00. However there will be no charge between today and the renewal date. Should you not wish to continue using ID Protection please disable it in advance of the expiry date by contacting Technical Support.

Note: Owners of .uk domains are not affected by this change as they use a different system. The whois out-out system for .uk domains registered by individuals remains free of charge.

So in summation:

  • Renewing a domain with ID Protection enabled after 6th October will now be charged $2.00 for the ID Protection service.
  • Our price for ID Protection is still significantly cheaper than the competition (Namecheap: $2.88, GoDaddy: $9.73).
  • .uk domains are unaffected

Should you have questions about this price change, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.