More memory and IP-less SSL/TLS for shared hosting

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Feb 10, 2015

Towards the end of last year we completed a series of upgrades to our shared hosting infrastructure. This involved both software updates and the deployment of new hardware, the combination of which has allowed us to not only ensure that reliability and performance remain as good as ever, but we’ve also been able to make two exciting improvements:

  • Increased memory limits — More sophisticated usage tracking in the new OS software, along with the upgraded hardware, has allowed us to double the memory limit for all customers. All shared hosting accounts now have 1 GB of memory available, rather than the 512 MB previously available. We made this change experimentally a few weeks ago and haven’t seen any ill effects, so we have now made the new limit permanent.
  • SSL/TLS without a dedicated IP — As of today, all customers are able to install SSL certificates without needing a dedicated IP address, using SNI (Server Name Indication). All modern browsers support this, so in most cases a dedicated IP won’t be necessary. If you want to support older browsers which can’t use SNI, then you can still purchase a dedicated IP as before. To set up an SSL certificate with SNI, simply use the SSL/TLS manager in cPanel as normal.

We are always looking for ways to make our services better, so if there’s a new feature you want or anything you think we could improve, do feel free to get in touch.