.uk Domain Price Changes

Feb 21, 2016

Nominet, the authority which oversee all .uk domain names are changing their wholesale charges to ‘simplify and streamline’ the pricing across all domains effective from 1st March, 2016. As always we are doing our utmost to absorb the price increases and avoid having to pass any changes on to our customers. However in some cases this is unavoidable, I have outlined how we will be handling the price increase of each individual domain below.

No Change

1 Year: No Change
2 Year: $16 -> $20

1 Year: No Change
2 Year: $16 -> $20

1 Year: No Change
2 Year: $16 -> $20

This will affect domain renewals, transfers and registrations. All other TLDs are unaffected.

We are always seeking to provide the best pricing possible and absorb the cost of wholesale increases for our customers where possible. If you’ll cast your mind back to 2009 we were able to reduce our .uk pricing by 35%, so overall it’s still cheaper than 2009 prices. Some other companies have announced price increases of upto 50%, meaning Valcato continues to offer some of the lowest prices out there.

Lock in your domain for just £5

Renew your .uk domain now for an extra 2 years and pay just 8USD or 5GBP per year. This way you will not have to pay the increased price until 2018.
To extend your domain now at the current price, click here.

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