.uk domain prices held!

Jan 3, 2020

As a welcome to 2020, two of the large Domain Registries who administer some popular internet TLDs have announced price increases. Price rises are certainly not something any Valcato adventurer would want, so I’m pleased to announce we are holding our .uk prices!

That’s right, we are absorbing the full cost of the Nominet January 2020 price increase for .uk owners.
Nominet is the Registry in charge of all .uk domains and is responsible for setting the wholesale pricing. But by registering through Valcato, your .uk prices will not be changing today.

This means that .uk domains are even better value at Valcato then they were in 2019. To register yours today, head over to our Domain Registration page.

In other news; Afilias – the Registry which administers other popular domains including .info and .mobi – have made their second wholesale price increase in just 6 months.

Whilst we were able to absorb the August 2018 price increase (we didn’t make a fuss about it at the time), unfortunately this second increase in such a short space of time must be passed on to our valiant adventurers. The pricing on our website has been updated to reflect the new costs from today, and emails sent to existing customers, even so we are still £7.00 cheaper than GoDaddy per year!

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