3 Clues that it’s Time to Switch Hosts!

May 6, 2020

Choosing a web hosting company is one of the most underthought parts of creating a business website. Many businesses mistakenly think that all web hosting services are the same. It is this premise that causes smaller businesses to go for the cheaper (or free!) options, ultimately resulting in a poor experience – for both the business and its site visitors!

As such, knowing when to throw in the towel and switch services can really save you from grief. In this article, we’ll be sharing three of the biggest signs that will show you when it’s time to switch web hosting companies.

1. When they can’t handle your traffic

An increase in traffic is always a cause for celebration, as it means that your digital marketing efforts are going in the right direction. What it shouldn’t be, however, is a problem—which it tends to become particularly due to poor support from your web hosting company.

Your web hosting service should be reliable enough to factor in web traffic spikes within their service. If your web hosting service can’t handle a surge, then it’s high time that you looked for different providers. Poor web hosting services will lead to slow response times or even downtime; inevitably putting to waste the efforts of your marketing team.

If a website keeps crashing or takes too much time to load, then your visitors will see it as a waste of time and will head elsewhere. In such an occurrence, all your efforts and budget is wasted, possibly even marring the brand you’ve taken so much time to cultivate.

2. When they can’t provide 24/7 support

Inevitably, even with the best hosting companies things can sometimes go wrong, which is why constant communication with your web hosting provider is a must. One of the biggest markers of a reliable service is an open line of communication, especially with something as important to your business as your website.

While it may not seem immediately necessary, a provider that gives you 24/7 support always makes for a good partnership. Being able to find someone to help you with small things like slower response times can give you that trust in their service, but having someone to rely on when your website experiences an issue in the middle of the night is a true gem in the industry.

Find a service that can assure you the support you need so that you’re never alone. If your current provider can’t offer even a basic level of support when you need them, then they’re not worth your time.

3. When they can’t assure your website’s security

With nearly everything capable of being found on the internet, it also increases the chances of there being opportunistic or ill-meaning people around. Due to this risk, the majority of your customers want to know that they’re transacting with someone legitimate and secure.

If your website can’t provide basic security protocols like regular off-site backups, free virus and malware detection tools, and secure SSL certificares then your website isn’t in safe hands. Your customers won’t be able to trust your website, placing your brand as a highly unreliable one.


Choosing the best web hosting company is always a necessity when it comes to your business. While their services might be a bit more expensive, the overall investment grants your website to be highly reliable and safe, while also banking on a good support system from your provider.

Are you looking for a highly reliable and efficient web hosting company for your business website? Look no further, get in touch with us today and our hosting experts will recommend a plan or package to suit your needs!