3 Common Web-Hosting Myths: Debunked!

Aug 27, 2020

Whether you’re trying to promote your brand, your business, or yourself as a working professional on your website, you need reliable web hosting. With the sheer number of options on the market, this can seem like a daunting task, and making the choice that best suits your needs can get
complicated and overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with this.

Many myths surround website hosting that can become the cause of misinformation. Here are some of the most common ones you may encounter.

Myth #1: Low cost plans will let you down

Just because a web hosting plan is budget-friendly does not mean that it is mediocre or low-quality. Many hosting providers that offer services at sky-high prices are simply profiting from users that don’t have the time to compare. Conversely, some high quality providers offer entry-level services at a lower price to allow you to take their service for a test-drive, in the hope that you’ll see their quality for yourself, and eventually upgrade to a higher plan.

When choosing a web hosting plan, don’t hesitate to compare your options and investigate some of the independent brands offering lower pricing. Independent web hosting companies can often can provide you with top-quality plans, features, and services that suit your needs and requirements.

Buyer beware however; these days it’s easy to set up your own web-hosting business and many people are doing this as a sideline or new venture: be sure to do your research, speak to the company, read reviews, and check how long they’ve been in business for, before parting with your money!

Myth #2: The speed of your site has no connection to the speed of your server

A successful website not only requires well-written content and beautiful design but also a fast loading time. The first time a new visitor lands on your page is crucial. Remember, you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of your prospects and customers, and this relies heavily on the
speed of your website.

Having a slow website can lead your visitors to exit your page and
look for another company that can address their needs or offers the information they are looking for.

For the avoidance of doubt; the speed of your website depends heavily on the speed of your server. To ensure your website maintains a fast response time, shop around for a quality web hosting provider.

Myth #3: Free web hosting is more than capable of addressing your needs

There’s a saying within the industry; free hosting is worth every penny! It can get tempting to get a free domain for your website to help you cut down your costs and shift your budget to other aspects of your business. You might even think that you are saving money in the long run by using free web hosting.

However, these free services often come with a catch hidden away in the small-print; whether that’s a limit on server resources or concurrent visitors, or the lack of an uptime guarantee or 24/7 technical support.

As a result, your time and energy spent perfecting your site would be put to waste – particularly if you’re tied in to using a bespoke website design platform, as you’re rarely able to export or save your designs for use elsewhere – meaning that to move elsewhere, you’d have to start over again.


Exploring the world of web hosting can be confusing at first. This is also true because of the many misconceptions that are circulating about web hosting. By keeping the myths mentioned above in mind, you can stay well-informed and have a better understanding of which web hosting plan and web hosting provider you should choose.

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