Author: Adam

Python 2.6

Over the past few weeks quite a few people have asked us for Python 2.6 support. We always try to install extra software when our customers request it, so...

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October 6, 2009, Written by 1 comment

Ancient Astronomy; The Mayans

Today’s episode of 365 Days of Astronomy, Ancient Astronomy; The Mayans, is sponsored by us. In it, Augusto Valdés talks about how the Mayans studied the skies and developed...

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August 12, 2009, Written by 0 comment

The Eagle Has Landed

As I’m sure most of our customers know, today marks the 40th anniversary of the first time any person set foot on any astronomical object other than the Earth;...

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July 20, 2009, Written by 0 comment

The Universe in Ultraviolet!

The second episode of the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast to be sponsored by us is now online. In this episode, Erika Hamden of Columbia University talks about ultraviolet...

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June 8, 2009, Written by 0 comment

365 Days of Astronomy

Today’s 365 Days of Astronomy podcast is sponsored by us, as part of our International Year of Astronomy offer of free web hosting for astronomy web sites. This episode...

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May 13, 2009, Written by 1 comment

Affiliate banners

If you’re part of our affiliate programme, you’ll want to check out our Affiliate Banners page as we’ve updated the URLs for our banners. The old addresses will still...

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March 21, 2009, Written by 3 comments

Server host names changed

Today we’ve changed the host names of our servers to the following: is now is now If you’re seeing SSL certificate warnings in your email...

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March 20, 2009, Written by 0 comment

Nameserver change

Customers who have hosting accounts with us, but who register their domains elsewhere, should remove the name server from their domain’s configuration. (Customers who have registered their domains with...

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March 9, 2009, Written by 0 comment

HTTP compression

As part of last week’s updates, we’ve installed support for compressed HTTP connections. This can be enabled in the web site control panel, by clicking the “Optimize Website” button....

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February 23, 2009, Written by 0 comment

Error log viewer in cPanel

We’ve disabled the error log viewer in the web site control panel (cPanel), because a configuration change we had to make rendered it pretty much useless due to the...

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February 13, 2009, Written by 0 comment

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