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All the latest Valcato news!
  • 26 Dec

    Season’s Greetings

    Valcato Hosting would like to wish all its customers a Merry Christmas and happy new year. In 2012 we once again completely refreshed our server hardware ensuring we use the latest hardware to provide the best levels of service, we also introduced daily backups that we can restore quickly...

  • 30 Aug

    Half Price Domain Sale

    Note: These offers have now ended. We are pleased to announce our biggest ever domain sale with some domains better than half price! For the whole of September new domain registrations will be discounted by up to 50% for the first year on the following: .ca – Was $17...

  • 09 May

    SRV1 Downtime Post-Mortem

    As many of our customers will already be aware, we had an extended outage affecting one of our servers this weekend caused by a hardware problem. Now that everything is mostly back to normal, we wanted to explain in detail what happened. In the second half of last week,...

  • 14 Nov

    November Update

    It’s been a little while since we made a blog post however things have been anything but quiet here at Valcato towers so I thought I’d update you on what we’ve been up to. We’ve just brought a new server online, it’s the latest in our new 16 core,...

  • 07 Sep

    Updated VPS Options

    I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just updated our range of virtual private servers. We’ve vastly simplified the range of options available, and we’ve moved to a new platform which provides even better reliability and performance than before. Some highlights from this update: Cloud storage is now optional – you...

  • 03 Aug

    .Eu on sale for $7

    Note: This offer has now ended. Target the European region of over 500 million people with your own .eu domain. Now with this exclusive promotion you have the opportunity to register your very own .EU domain at a highly competitive rate. This promotion runs until the end of September,...

  • 20 Jul

    Shared Cloud is Now Valcato Shared Hosting

    A few months ago we launched our updated range of shared hosting plans, with increased storage quotas, unmetered data transfer, and improved data backups. We also added a layer of cloud-based virtualisation, allowing for sophisticated hardware redundancy with automated recovery in the unlikely event of a hardware failure. This...

  • 15 Jul

    .Nz Prices Slashed

    We are pleased to announce that the price of all .Nz domains have been slashed by over 60%! You can now register, or for just $25/year which makes Valcato one of the cheapest places to register your New Zealand domain. To put it in perspective, GoDaddy...

  • 24 Jun

    .Name Wholesale Increases

    Following in the recently trodden footsteps of other registries, the authority overseeing the .name TLD will be increasing the wholesale cost of registering domains. Unfortunately the increase is of such proportions that we are being forced to increase our price in response. So from the 30th June 2011 our...

  • 26 Apr

    Announcing Shared Cloud

    Please see here for an update regarding Shared Cloud. Today we’re pleased to announce the availability of Shared Cloud, a new service which replaces our previous shared hosting service. Shared Cloud is designed to have the ease and flexibility of shared hosting, with the power and reliability of cloud...

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