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  • 29 Jul

    See what we’re working on

    New feature development is in full swing here at Valcato, and we’ve decided to maintain a list of everything that we’re working on so that everyone can see what’s coming in the future. Our Current Projects page lists the details and current status of all of the projects we’re...

  • 10 May

    Control Panel Upgrades

    Last week we upgraded the cPanel software which powers our Web Site Control Panel to the latest version, 11.25. This upgrade brings many performance and security improvements and innumerable bug fixes. It also provides a few important new features which we think our customers will find useful. First, there...

  • 06 Oct

    Python 2.6

    Over the past few weeks quite a few people have asked us for Python 2.6 support. We always try to install extra software when our customers request it, so we’ve installed Python 2.6 alongside Python 2.4. To use Python 2.6, simply execute “python2.6” anywhere you’d normally use “python”. For...

  • 03 May

    Host Unlimited Domains

    We’re pleased to announce that we have refreshed our shared hosting plans and we think you’ll be pleased. All our packages now include unlimited addon domains and parked domains. This means you can now host as many websites on a single account as you like! All our prices are...

  • 23 Feb

    HTTP compression

    As part of last week’s updates, we’ve installed support for compressed HTTP connections. This can be enabled in the web site control panel, by clicking the “Optimize Website” button. Enabling this option can significantly speed up page loading times for visitors with supported web browsers (all modern browsers support...

  • 05 Jan

    Ruby on Rails

    We’ve just added support for Ruby on Rails to all our hosting plans! Customers can start using Rails by clicking the “Ruby on Rails” icon in the Web Site Control Panel (see right). We added Django support last year, so with this addition we now have the two most...

  • 30 Dec

    New Notices System

    Our brand new service notices system is now live, and it’s quite a big improvement over the old one. The top new features include separate RSS feeds for each server, and updates to notices are now emailed to subscribers (along with that, each notice has its own updates RSS...

  • 09 Jul

    Django Support

    Web frameworks are becoming increasingly popular, as modern web development increasingly demands better results and shorter deadlines. Two of the most popular frameworks are Django and Ruby on Rails, and I’m happy to say that we now officially support one of those. Customers wishing to use Django will find...

  • 17 Apr

    New Shared Hosting Plans, Remote Backup

    Today we are pleased to announce the availability of our new shared hosting plans, offering increased disk space and increased monthly data transfer limits. Our new plans also come with an unlimited number of sub domains, FTP accounts, email accounts, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and MailMan mailing lists. All...

  • 04 Nov

    PHP5 Now Available

    It is now possible to use PHP5 on our server — instructions on how to do so can be found at the following URL. This does not affect scripts which are already installed and using PHP4; PHP4 will continue to be the default and specific action is required to...

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