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Hosting is our passion,
what's yours?

You're starting your adventure with us to showcase your passion; whether that's a small business, a personal blog or an online store. Our passion is hosting and server management; there's nothing we like more than working on servers, handing upgrades, troubleshooting issues and helping you get the most out of your time with us. For our small but dedicated team, Valcato Internet isn't a job; it's a way of life!

Let's Get Down To Business
We continually invest in our hardware and platform in order to provide a cutting edge service that moves with the times. Each server is backed by a high-performance RAID storage array, providing excellent speed and reliability. Data reads and writes happen across multiple hard drives simultaneously, vastly reducing latency, and all data is stored on more than one drive meaning that if a drive fails the system will stay online until we schedule the drive to be replaced at a convenient time.

On top of this state of the art hardware, our servers run a modern Linux operating system with the latest stable version of the cPanel® control panel. We also make use of Ksplice, allowing operating system security updates to be installed quickly and with no disruption to service.
We Own the Hardware

We don't resell for other providers and we don't hire equipment in, we own all of our servers outright and handle our maintenance in-house.

We're Always Upgrading

In 2019 alone we've introduced two new Shared Hosting servers so far, with more on the way. We're also installing SSD drives across our entire range

We're Flexible!

If you a custom module installed, or require a different PHP version we'll always be happy to help, just get in touch and we'll be pleased to advise.