Doing the right thing -
For our people & our planet.

We're working hard to build a sustainable future - with your business at the heart of it

We Believe In Doing
The Right Thing

At Valcato, we care about more than just web hosting. We passionately care about our planet, our environment, and the wellbeing of the society we live in. We have several initiatives in place such as tree planting schemes to offset our carbon footprint, as well as charity initiatives such as our partnership with mental health charity CALM and our sponsorship of the Open Rights Group, who fight for our digital rights online.

We're Climate Positive

As well as working to reduce our carbon footprint with home-working schemes and low energy office fittings, we sponsor initiatives such as reforestation to offset the CO2 footprint of our datacentres.

We maintain a public dashboard to allow you to track progress of our various Climate Positive schemes - click the button below to view a live update.

We Care About Mental Health

Throughout 2022, we're making a donation to CALM for every new service purchased. Suicide is currently the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK and we’d like to help change that.

We Care About Online Privacy

We're Corporate Sponsors of the Open Rights Group, who fight to protect the digital rights of people in the UK including privacy and free speech online

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