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November Update

November 14, 2011, Written by 1 comment

It’s been a little while since we made a blog post however things have been anything but quiet here at Valcato towers so I thought I’d update you on what we’ve been up to.

We’ve just brought a new server online, it’s the latest in our new 16 core, 12 GB RAM infrastructure with RAID 10 hard drive redundancy providing plenty of processing power to serve your websites at blistering speeds. To continue our naming convention this new server is designated “SRV2” and all new accounts will be provisioned on it. We’ve also moved some accounts from our existing SRV1 server across which has alleviated the performance problems some of you have noticed during peak times.

To complete our migration to the new infrastructure customers currently hosted on SH1 will be migrated next weekend. We’ve emailed all customers involved explaining the simple process, but if you have any questions feel free to get in contact.

Next I have some unfortunate news, VeriSign – the administrators of .com and .net domains – have announced an increase in their wholesale price. In the past we’ve absorbed price increases but this time we are forced to pass it on. So on the 13th of January 2012 the price of .com and .net domains only will be increased by $1.

We’ve got some more exciting announcements to come in future, including free website optimisation, local proxies, access to a global Content Distribution Network (CDN) and some great Christmas Promotions. So stay tuned!


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