Valcato Hosting Forms Limited Company

Nov 6, 2008

Valcato Hosting announced today it has reorganized as a Limited Company in the United Kingdom, and has appointed Jay Everall to work alongside Adam McMaster as its new joint managing director.

Everall, original founder of Valcato in 2002, left the company in 2005 to work in the hospitality industry. As Valcato’s new managing director, Everall is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic marketing goals and infrastructure upgrades. He will also streamline customer support and lead research into new services and emerging technologies.

As an organized Limited Company in the United Kingdom, Valcato is required to meet a greater number of government regulations. The restructuring assures customers that Valcato is a legitimate business entity and is recognized by the government. It has operated previously as a sole proprietorship, since 2002.

“By incorporating we aim to reassure our clients and send out the message that Valcato is a brand to trust,” said Everall. “As the original founder of Valcato, this is almost like coming home for me. My piece in the puzzle is to promote our service and build on our brand to attract new business, which will allow us to push Valcato to the next level.”

Although Valcato’s clientele comprises primarily of SMEs, the company is adding new features to appeal to the individual users. New features include one-click installations of blogging or photo album software. Valcato Hosting now also offers a WYSIWYG SiteBuilder add-on, allowing novice designers to create fully-featured Web sites without any HTML knowledge.

The company also plans to roll-out a UK-specific hosting division in the coming months. It currently serves clients on six continents through its flagship brand, Valcato Hosting.

Started in early 2002, Valcato Hosting serves a variety of clients, including small and medium sized businesses and individuals. Valcato Hosting offers a variety of Linux shared Web hosting plans and dedicated servers.