Server Lineup Refreshed

We have just completed a total refresh of our managed dedicated server product line. As computer technology develops apace we have have focused our range into 5 standard configurations; removing our single core offerings and introducing a new entry level Pentium E6750 Dual Core Server.

Of course these technical developments also mean that the cost of hardware has reduced, so we are pleased to pass this onto our customers:

Xeon 3210 Quad Core – $269.00, now only $209.00
Xeon 3060 RAID – $349.00, now only $289.00
Dual Xeon 5405 Quad Core – $519.00, now only $309.0
Dual Xeon 5130 RAID – $529.00, now only $379.00

Not only have the base prices been reduced, so have the configurable options which are now half their previous price. For example an additional 4GB of RAM previously cost $50, it is now just $25!

But we’re not done yet, all dedicated servers now include an optional license for the premier hosting automation software WHMCS absolutely free.

We hope you enjoy our new simplified lineup, but of course if none of our standard configurations meet your needs, let us know and we’ll happily put together a custom box for you.